Long Time, No Talk

Hello, stranger! Ah, where to begin when we’ve been apart for so long? Part of me wants to fill you in on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing (and maybe there’ll be some of that), but instead of looking back I think it makes more sense to look forward.
This isn’t the return of Aiming for Okay, at least not in its original form. It’s more of an arrival notice. A birth announcement of sorts for KateParrish.com.
One of the things I’m happiest to share here is that I’ll be leading an eight-week creative writing workshop in Nashville on Tuesday nights beginning April 11. Whether you’re new to writing, a recovering academic, a published author, or just lost and confused and don’t know which direction to move, this workshop is for you.

We’ll be generating new material each week (whether that’s towards an existing project or something entirely new is up to you), so that we never find ourselves too far away from a thought to return to. I would love to have you there.

If you’re interested in participating or would like more information, head here.
All skill levels, all genres welcome.
>> And please feel free to forward! <<

I’ve also added a list of publications and information on work for hire. If you’re looking for help writing a new bio, need some guidance in building out a digital content calendar, or have something else in mind, drop me a line and we’ll chat. (You can reply directly to this email or email me at KATE at AIMINGFOROKAY dot COM.)
So what will become of Aiming for Okay? It’s still there. I haven’t taken it away! The plan is to still post there now and again, but I don’t foresee returning to it on a weekly basis. One thing I'm continuing to learn is that there is an order to things, an overarching pace or rhythm. Taking a deep dive into my own psyche each week, hoping to make sense out of it, started to feel out of order. If there was no distance, how could there be any perspective? As a writer, sometimes the biggest challenge is to walk away from a piece or idea when not enough life has happened yet to complete it.
Here’re a few pieces, however, that I have completed and published since we last connected. There’s everything from shark attacks to trying to get pregnant, ancient art to voting with my mother, car accidents and speech writers, and even a little behind the scenes look into how I became a writer. It really is such a dream to hear other people’s stories—their passion and experience—and retell them to a new audience. Funny how when I listen, I’m the one that ends up feeling more understood.
I’d love to hear what’s going on with you. How are you? Where’ve you traveled? New babies, jobs or partners?
I don’t spend much time on social media these days, but I do share new stories and updates on Instagram (@parrishdontperish). Maybe I’ll see you there, too?

Talk again soon. Promise.